How we work


Our 11 Step Process for Full Service Design

Step 1: Consultation with Hayley

This is not only a consult to share your ideas with us. We provide you with design advice and give you direction to help create a vision for your project! We also discuss and your budget that you are comfortable with and will get you the results you want. If you want to move forward with your project we will also go over our contract and design process. This meeting will also determine if we are a good fit for each other.

Step 2: Scope Outline and Fee Proposal

In a couple days after our consult, you will receive a fee proposal via email. We outline the scope of work for the entire project, and estimate the design fees. Once the design fee is signed and paid the project begins! ( Design fee’s are our labor fees)

Step 3: Trades Day and Site measuring

This is where all the trades that will be involved in your project will visit the site and discuss the project scope, and take measurements. The trades will provide a written estimate of the scope of work and labor. These will all be presented in the Presentation Meeting. This happens all in one day

Step 4: Research and Design Phase

This is where the magic happens! We execute all the work required to bring the project to life. Renderings, sketches, elevations, and sourcing for all furnishings and fixtures happens. A budget is also developed during this time and will be presented during the Presentation meeting.

Step 5: Presentation Meeting.

Ok this is the fun part. A presentation of the whole project is reveled. Samples, drawings, mood boards, budget breakdown and all trades estimates for labor and install are presented. Sometimes a follow-up presentation meeting is needed if revisions were requested. Once the budget is approved, 75% of the furnishing budget is due up front.

Step 6: Project Management

Not to bore you. But A LOT goes into this step. This is how we make sure the project is completed on TIME. (Happy dance.) Purchase orders are made, items are tracked, site visits are made if needed. Lead times are assessed and backordered items are taken in account for. Meetings with vendors, trades, builders or any other contractors to keep the project on track.

Step 7: Review Budget

This is where we make sure we are on budget. If needed- we will have another budget meeting. This is usually only for larger projects.

Step 8: Receiving all orders

All furniture and most items are received and stored at a warehouse where they are inspected for damage. We prefer to install all in one day. Two weeks before the final install, final furniture balance for the project is due at this time.

Step 9: Furniture Install and Project Reveal

This is the day! The day you never thought would come. Usually installation is done in one day. This is where we install all the furniture, window treatments, and style your space to your dreams. When you walk back into your house after we have done our magic you will feel like you are in a Fixer Upper episode. Really it’s that magical. You have 48 hours to decide which accessories you want to keep. You will be given a price sheet for each item.

Step 10: Resolving Deficiencies

Anything that needs to be resolved or fixed we coordinate with the trades person. Thankfully this step is not needed in most cases. We are committed to your satisfaction

Step 11: Client Closure Meeting and Photography

This is hopefully not a final goodbye. But a closure meeting where we discuss your feedback about the project. This is so important to us. It truly is he only way to better serve our future clients. We also take care of any final invoices ( usually for accessories). If given permission, we discuss a day a photographer can come take photos of the space.

Hope this helps to give you a little insight on how we work to keep your project on time and on budget while creating a design you love coming home to.